Police: 2 men accused in Winter Garden burglaries caught



WINTER GARDEN, Fla. - Police tracked down two men they said pulled off more than a dozen burglaries across Winter Garden.

Investigators said the duo hit four different neighborhoods, stealing everything from sunglasses to credit cards.

Karen Borradaile's car, along with her daughter's car, were both broken into by two people. Borradaile said when she opened her car door there were papers strewn about and everything valuable was taken.

Lane Griffith and Tye McGlothlin are facing a combined total of 74 charges for burglaries, theft and using stolen credit cards.

Borradaile didn't recognize McGlothlin in video police obtained of him charging on a stolen credit card.

Susan and David Slothower did.

Police said McGlothlin is the same man caught on their home surveillance video breaking into their car.

Susan Slothower said the car door was ajar and they had rifled through all her stuff. David Slothower said he was frustrated that they at first were getting away.

Griffith and McGlothlin may never have been connected to the large number of burglaries if it wasn't for their eagerness to use some of the stolen credit cards.

In one video, McGlothlin is seen picking out T-shirts and paying for them with another victim's card.

The credit card trail, combined with several surveillance videos, allowed detectives to connect the dots to the burglaries some communities have been experiencing for months.

According to reports, Griffith was found in possession of some of the items that were reported stolen, which allowed police to connect him to other burglaries.

Police are still investigating to see if Griffith and McGlothlin are connected to even more burglaries.