• Polk deputies search for 30 who fled dog fight


    POLK COUNTY, Fla. - More than 30 people who attended a central Florida dog fight could face charges.

    Polk County Sheriff's Office deputies broke up the fight Saturday after getting an anonymous tip. One person was arrested and four dogs taken into custody by animal control. At least eight vehicles fled, but 15 others were abandoned at the grove, along with cellphones and money. Detectives are tracking down the cars' owners.

    Sheriff Grady Judd says he'll aggressively pursue the cases but the investigations will take time.

    Levern Gamble was charged with attending an animal fight. Authorities say he admitted to driving up from Miami.

    The dogs will either be euthanized or given to rescue organizations.

    Grady told The Ledger of Lakeland underground fighting networks use portable rings and determine the location at the last minute.

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