Problem keeps laid off postal workers from getting unemployment


LAKE MARY, Fla. - WFTV has discovered more problems for the troubled U.S. Postal Service.

Local workers who were recently laid off say a problem is preventing them from getting unemployment.

Ten former postal employees of the Lake Mary distribution center are nearing their third week without pay, and they still can't file for unemployment.

"Several of us have gone to the post office, called human resources in Tampa, called the U.S. Department of Labor and everyone's saying that it's someone else's responsibility," said an anonymous worker.

The Department of Labor needs a termination date in order to get employees their unemployment. Instead it still has an old date for when their original contract was set to expire.

The employees were laid off as part of the Postal Service's effort to survive.

The mail agency is consolidating the Lake Mary facility with the Orlando one.

The former employee WFTV talked to is concerned some of her former co-workers won't be able to pay their bills if much more time passes.

The Postal Service told WFTV in part "We acknowledge that there was a slight delay in processing the paperwork. We apologize for the inconvenience this caused and assure the employee that the proper paperwork has been completed."

The Postal Service said employees will receive that paperwork soon.

WFTV is working to find out if the employees will be able to receive unemployment back pay once they finally get that paperwork.