Publix robberies in Orange, Volusia counties connected, investigators say



VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - The latest holdup of a Publix in DeLand is connected to the holdup of a Publix store in the Dr. Phillips area of Orange County, according to investigators.
Investigators said the two could also be related to the recent holdup of a Publix store in Winter Park.
Over the weekend robbers hit the Publix store on Woodland Boulevard in DeLand.

Many of shoppers at the DeLand Publix Tuesday told Channel 9's Anthony DiLorenzo that they are well aware about what's going on and are making conscious decisions about their safety.
"It's kind of scary," one shopper said.
The DeLand robbery happened at closing time Sunday night.  
Two gunmen robbed the store around 10 p.m. taking only cash.
"You're taught as an employee, give them whatever they ask for," said Leslie Wilcox, who has worked for Publix for 16 years.
Wilcox said some locations have the ability to add outside security.
"I'm sure they've done things because Publix is a great company and does whatever they can do to protect their employees," said Wilcox.
But other employees told DiLorenzo that despite the armed robberies to Publix stores since April, they haven't seen noticeable changes and the robbers have yet to be stopped.
Publix representatives sent DiLorenzo a two-sentence statement Tuesday saying they're working with law enforcement and other experts to ensure safety.

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