Purse snatcher loses flip flops while robbing women outside hospital


MARION COUNTY, Fla. - A purse snatcher lost his flip flops while running away from a hospital parking lot in Marion County Wednesday, authorities said.

Ocala police said 60-year-old Ida Roberts and 41-year-old Michelle Roberts were walking out of the Marion County Medical Center when the man approached them and said, "Hello ladies," before slamming his body into Michelle Roberts' back and knocking her to the ground.

The man then snatched her purse and dragged her across a driveway, police said.  At the same time, the man tried to grab Ida Roberts' purse from her shoulder, but was unsuccessful, police said.

Michelle Roberts screamed and was heard by EMT students who were nearby. The students chased after the thief until he crossed Pine Avenue.

Ocala police released a photo of the man.

The flip flops were taken into evidence.

The women were not seriously injured.