Raw sewage backing up in St. Cloud homes



ST. CLOUD, Fla. - Only Eyewitness News tried to get answers for people in a trailer park who said every time it rains, they're overrun by raw sewage.

The complaints are coming in at the Floridian FV Resort on Boggy Creek Road in Saint Cloud.

Channel 9's Myrt Price went to the office to ask what's being done about the disgusting mess.

Residents said they're tired of it happening over and over again. They said they've complained to management, but so far, nothing has been done.

They want the problem fixed right away, so they called Channel 9 for help.

Resident Clara White has had enough of waking up to the stench.

"It's raw sewage, there is toilet paper right there in my yard, and we don't use the bathroom out here," White said.

White and other residents at the Floridian RV park said something is wrong with their sewage system.

"Our sewers are backing up, and they're backing up real bad," said resident Michael Dunkel.

Residents said every time it rains, raw sewage comes flowing out into the streets, into their yards and into their homes.

"It's all back up into the shower, probably about 4 or 5 inches in there," resident Chris House said.

He said he could see pieces of corn and could smell the stench.

Residents say they've complained to the management, but so far, management hasn't wanted to do anything about it.

This weekend sewage was everywhere, so residents called maintenance. They said workers put down lime and some sort of quick-dry solution.

"They're not curing the problem, they're just doctoring it up," White said.

WFTV went to the leasing office to get answers, but the woman at the desk didn't want to talk.

She gave the number to the corporate office, so Channel 9 called and left messages but no one called back.

WFTV contacted the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and it said it will look into the matter.