Red light cameras to be installed in Kissimmee



KISSIMMEE, Fla.,None - Parts of Main Street in Kissimmee will be closed next week because crews will install red light cameras at the intersection of Main Street and Neptune-Drury Street by the end of March, officials said.

City officials said the cameras are necessary because of the amount of crashes at the intersection.

The public works director told WFTV that Kissimmee's busiest intersection is at John Young Parkway and Vine Street, where in just 12 hours officials found more than 80 drivers running red lights.

The installation of the cameras comes just a month after Representative Scott Plakon filed a bill, which if passed, would ban red light cameras state wide.

Plakon said the red light camera ticket process is a mess and is unfair.

Some people in town agree, but others think the cameras will prevent crashes.

"If someone dies running a red light, what is the consequence there?  Someone is dead because someone ran a red light," said Kissimmee resident James Bushell.

Even if the red light camera law is repealed, the city said the company installing the cameras will pay to take them out without any cost to the city.