• Report: Few drivers expected to use costly I-4 toll lanes


    A new study says only a handful of drivers will use toll lanes on Interstate-4, but the state still plans to shell out $2 billion to build them.

    The project would span more than 21 miles along I-4 from Seminole County to just past the Turnpike.

    If you're one of the 200,000 drivers who use I-4 on a daily basis you've probably thought the same thing as Terry James.

    "The traffic is terrible," said James.

    Commuters know it's at its worst during rush hour.

    "I stay off of it as much as I possibly can," said driver Laura Hall.

    The construction of toll lanes on both sides of the interstate, coupled with interstate improvements, is supposed to solve that problem.

    When Channel 9 Eyewitness News reporter Racquel Asa read through a 30-page traffic and revenue report, she found only up to 7 percent of the traffic on I-4 would use the toll lanes.

    "I would probably say it's going to be less than that," said driver Darryl Stephens.
    Some drivers said they weren't willing to pay to drive on the interstate when they learned the commute from Longwood to downtown Orlando during peak times is expected to cost $13.30. That works out to an extra $66 each work week.
    "That's ridiculous. We pay enough in state taxes and everything," said James.
    Construction is expected to begin in 2014 and will be finished in 2020.

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