School officer removed after inappropriate comments


ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla.,None - A school resource officer was removed from Lake Brantley High School on Friday.

Altamonte Springs police officer Donnie Riggins made inappropriate comments to students during the morning announcements, school officials said.

According to an internal affairs report, Riggins showed up at the school dressed as a gynecologist with a sexually-charged name.

Riggins, who is a senior officer of nine years, has since been re-assigned to patrol. 

"One sip of alcohol affects your motor skills," Riggins is heard saying in a broadcast recording.

Riggins may have had good intentions when he delivered the announcements at the high school, but according to the report, the school resource officer went too far when he used a teacher in a hypothetical situation about the trouble they could get in when they drink and drive.

Riggins said in the recording, "Now, you know you have been drinking, but after all, it's Mrs. Cahill. And you're saying to yourself, 'She's giving me the dirty eye, she's licking her chops. I think I should give her a ride."

The message didn't go out to students in just one classroom.

There's a satellite on campus, so it was broadcast simultaneously to all 3,000 students and teachers.

The teacher named in the report said that's what embarrassed her the most.

"I laughed hysterically, but there was a little bit of shock there. Figured he would know better," said student Kris Hubbard.            

Investigators said that earlier in the year, Riggins used the morning announcements to make fun of the school security guard he called "the bear" who stalks campus.

"Where do you get these guys from?" WFTV reporter Daralene Jones asked Officer Robert Pelton, public information officer.

 "That's a tough question. Every officer is an individual and that's what I like the public to know," said Pelton.

Riggins is the third Altamonte Springs officer disciplined for misconduct this year, WFTV found out.

Altamonte Springs police said Riggins wasn't suspended from work because it was his first offense.

Some of the students WFTV talked to said Riggins was a great resource officer who was good at relating to students.