• Residents blame 9-foot python for disappearance of pets in Oviedo


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Residents in a Seminole County neighborhood said they are on the lookout for a 9-foot Burmese python.

    They told WFTV several pets have disappeared from Michael Drive in Oviedo.

    Residents said they believe a Burmese python is to blame.

    Several people have seen the snake, and now, the search is on to find it.

    Neighbors WFTV spoke with said they want wildlife officials to trap it.

    "Is someone else going to spot it in their back yard and is it going to eat their dog?" asked one resident.

    WFTV spoke with a local trapper, who said he is not 100 percent convinced the offending snake is a Burmese python.

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