Seminole County family desperate to find son's murderer



SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - A Seminole Co. family is grieving the death of their son and desperate to find his murderer.

Family members said 24-year-old Brian Jamal Robinson was kidnapped from his home off Persimmon Avenue in Sanford, shot to death and dumped in a ditch off Osteen Maytown Road in Volusia County.

It happened two years ago this weekend.

The family said it's using its own money to help solve the crime.

Fliers with Brian Robinson's picture have been up around Seminole and Volusia counties for two years but the family just started handing out new fliers offering its own $5,000 reward to find his killer.

"If it happened to your family member you would want someone to come forward whether you put up money or not," Tamy Brown, the victim's aunt said.

The photos are fading but the pain of losing 24-year-old Brian Robinson is still fresh.

The son and father was just 24 years old when he was murdered.

"The perpetrators are out here and we want them caught we want them convicted arrested and convicted for this crime," mother Judith Brown said.

His family said he was taken against his will from this Sanford home where he was taking care of his grandfather.

"You're a coward if you know who did it and don't say anything so if you want to keep street cred and say I'm not a snitch, I got something to tell you, you're a coward," family friend Kenneth Bentley said.

His family and friends are convinced many people know who is responsible.

They're hoping additional reward money will finally lead to an arrest.

"This is not going to bring him back to me or back to his daughter and his son but we want a conviction and arrest we want the community to start talking and tell what they know," Brown said.

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office is taking tips on the case and are asking people with information to call Crimeline.