• Seminole County's 'junk man' says he's suing county over code enforcement fines


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Another battle is brewing in Alan Davis' decade-long war with Seminole County Code Enforcement over his junk-strewn lawn.
    "The county is not going to tell me what to do on my property, when they don't follow their own rules.  They can kiss my ass," Davis said in an interview Monday.
    The Seminole County man, known for a statue of a rear end that sat in his yard, went to prison over code enforcement violations in the past. Now officers are fining him again and Davis said he is suing them for "violation of [his] equal protection rights."
    "Most of these people live here because they are not in a homeowners' association," said Davis.
    Dave Radosevich is a neighbor of Davis' and doesn't like the junk he sees piled around Davis' house.
    Radosevich said the problem is not only unsightly, but unsafe.

    Radosevich believes Cocoa, a neighborhood dog, died after it was bitten by a snake that slithered out of Davis' overgrown brush.
    "It was the sweetest little dog, 5 pounds, had to only be 2 years old," said Radosevich.
    Radosevich said when he confronted Davis about the dog, Davis, who is called "junk man," made it seem like the snake might not have come from his yard.
    "They are supposed to protect the community, you know, the county is, and we pay our taxes and everything and it's time for them to protect us," said Radosevich.
    Davis is scheduled to go in front of the Code Enforcement magistrate in August, but made it clear that he isn't going.

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