Seminole teacher suspended over phallic object shown to students



SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Channel 9 has learned a Seminole County high school teacher is under fire, accused of making inappropriate comments and outrageous demonstrations.

Lyman High School teacher Jeanne Michaud has been with the district for more than 30 years, but she could now be out of a job.

Investigators said that this semester, Michaud took out and displayed an object that resembled a part of the male anatomy.

Michaud told investigators the prop she showed her class was from a senior prank four years ago, but the district said the controversial behavior has been going on for years.

Channel 9 went through Michaud's records and found she's been in trouble at least 10 times for calling students names like "rude heifer" and for other unprofessional conduct.

In 1991, Michaud was suspended for a year after she gave students alcohol, a claim she denied.

As Channel 9's Bianca Castro walked up to the campus, students said they already knew why she was there.

The students, who asked to not be identified, said they weren't surprised Michaud's behavior came to light.

"It was mostly language, just a lot of curse words, stuff she shouldn't have been saying," one student said.

"I heard that she would toss things out the window if students were sleeping or not paying attention," said another student.

Yet everyone who spoke with Castro said Michaud is a good teacher, including Bradley Miles, whose children were once her students.

"Maybe she needs up-coached and not fired," said Miles.

Michaud has been suspended since Oct. 23. The school board could fire her next week.