• Spring break visitors putting big demands on local gun stores


    KISSIMMEE, Fla. - Spring break visitors to central Florida often hit the gift shops before heading home, but this year many are hitting the gun stores.

    Employees at L&R Armory in Kissimmee said they were surprised by all of the spring break customers coming into their store.

    They say on average five to 10 people visiting the area have been stopping in each day to make purchases.

    "Typically, in normal times we don't see that going on," said Robbie Motes, one of the gun store's owners.

    Motes said business is up 15 percent thanks to out-of-town customers who are visiting for spring break.

    Motes said the hot items are AR-15s, ammo of all kinds, Glocks and other handguns. Store employees said they have been busy mailing those items all over the country.

    Employees said in some cases customers are so desperate for hard-to-find items that they are calling to find out what the gun store has in stock before booking their trip.

    Motes said after a customer makes a purchase, L&R Armory has to send the gun to the customer's nearest gun dealer.  Once it arrives, the customer has to go through all the federal background checks before they can take their gun home.

    Motes said he believes gun owners are coming to Florida to buy guns because they can't find what they're looking for in other states. He said he thinks they are buying now because they fear strict federal gun laws could soon be passed.

    "There are so many bills out there on the Senate floor that are going to affect magazine capacity, semi-automatic, what they call assault rifles, that people are just eating them up as fast as they can," said Motes.

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