Still no sign of bodies of missing woman, children in Volusia County



VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - Volunteers in Volusia County aren't giving up hope as the search continues for a missing mother and her two children who went missing three weeks ago.

Luis Toledo has admitted to killing his wife, Yessenia Suarez, but he won't say where her body is. Toledo said an accomplice is responsible for the children's
deaths, but their bodies also haven't been recovered.

Leaders from across central Florida are meeting Friday about the case, and volunteers are still showing up in Deltona, crossing fields and trudging through woods in their search for Suarez and Michael and Thalia Otto.

"Me and my friend, Chad, definitely just heard about it through a friend of his and said that they needed some extra volunteers to come out here and search, so we definitely want to find justice for the family," said volunteer Michelle Key.

Toledo has since been charged in Suarez's murder.

In the meantime, Suarez's mother, Felicia Perez, said the support from the community brings her some comfort.

"It makes us feel good, you know, that everybody is helping in this search for my daughter, my grandkids," she said.

"What we want to do is just bring justice and closure to the family and you know, finding out where these little kids are," said one volunteer.

Deltona Vice Mayor Zenaida Denizac held a special meeting that Suarez's family attending. They're discussing plans for searches over the weekend, drumming up support for the family and an effort to stop domestic violence.

"We are mourning the loss of this family. This is a huge deal for us. We're standing behind them 100 percent," said Denizac.

The vice mayor also set up a fund to help with search efforts and to support the family in the loss. You can donate to the Yessenia and Children Fund at the local TD Bank.