• Thefts at RDV Sportsplex gym in Maitland concern members


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Customers at a Maitland sports club are upset about the lack of security in the parking lot.

    Car break-ins at the RDV Sportsplex have some people questioning the facility's safety.

    Thousands of people pay top dollar to work out at the gym, but Mark Schumacher learned that doesn't guarantee safety.

    His car was one of two broken into on the same day, less than two weeks ago.

    "Apparently someone had broken out the passenger window. They smashed it with so much force that the glass flew all across the dashboard," Schumacher said.

    The break-ins appear to be smash-and-grabs.

    The thieves took everything in sight, including a diaper bag in Schumacher's car that he said was worth a lot less than the damage he has to pay for.

    "We are looking at around $3,000 in damage," Schumacher said.

    Police said there have been five reported car break-ins in the past six months. They said it's not a big number.

    In 2005, the sports club suffered a rash of car break-ins and locker room thefts totaling $750,000.

    WFTV didn't see any security guards patrolling the lots.

    Schumacher said there are not enough security cameras in the parking lot.

    "I feel that they have a duty to protect our automobiles. It's a nice club and this is a well-known issue of cars over the years being broken into," Schumacher said.

    The director of RDV Sportsplex could not be reached for comment.

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