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10 fees you could face if flying Allegiant Airlines


WFTV Action 9’s Todd Ulrich found canceling flights, for any reason, on one discount airline could cost a small fortune.

Here's a list of 10 fees you could face if flying Allegiant Air. See Todd’s full report on Eyewitness News at 5.

1. - Seat Selection

When booking it’s free up to $80.00  

2. - Priority Boarding  

This allows a passenger on early before general boarding.

$4.00 to $12.00  

3. - Trip Flex 

This is the airlines insurance so you can avoid any cancellation fees, or recover the cost of your ticket if you cancel for any reason within 7 days of the flight.    That cancellation protection is covered by the cost of a ticket on most airlines.

8.00 to $20.00

 4. - Cancellations:

 $75.00 rebooking fee, if cancelled more than 7 days in advance.

 5. - Food & Beverage

 Charges for all snacks and drinks on board.

$1.99 to $12.99

6. - Pets


7. - Electronic Carrier Charge

It is $10.00 a person for each flight segment

8. - Call Center Flight Reservations

Purchase tickets on the phone a $14.99 fee

9. - Boarding Pass Printing

Passengers will pay $5.00 to print boarding pass at many airports.

10. - Checked and Carry Bag Fees

Bag charge when booking   $20.00

Carryon bag charge             $13.00

Bag charge at airport            $50.00

Overweight bag charge        $50.00

Oversize bag charge             $75.00

Bags are priced by route, per segment. Please see the table below for effective dates and fees.

Some bag charges can be a little more or a little less depending on the airport.  You should check the Allegiant Air website for more details.