• Volusia deputies testify against man who shot them


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - Two Volusia County deputies came face to face with the man who shot them when they both took the stand Tuesday to testify that Corey Reynolds tried to kill them.

    The defense did not deny Reynolds shot both deputies but said he did not plan the shootings. He said that he just reacted.

    When deputies came to arrest Reynolds they said he had his gun hidden in his jacket, and when he pulled it out and started shooting he not only hit both of them, but also they had to struggle with him to get control of the gun.

    Reynolds, 29, looked like a different person in court Tuesday afternoon, with his hair cut short and wearing a suit.

    "Once he was in handcuffs he did stop the resistance," testified deputy John Braman.

    "Did he seem upset?" asked the attorney.

    "No," replied Braman.

    "Did he say, 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do it?" asked the attorney.

    "I'm sorry," said Braman.

    In 2011, Deputy Braman and Deputy John Brady were trying to arrest Reynolds on charges of beating up his ex-girlfriend and choking her at her DeBary home.

    When they confronted Reynolds at his home in Deltona, they said he pulled a gun and fired several rounds, hitting both deputies.

    "Was there any point where you were not actively attempting to control Mr. Reynolds?" asked the attorney.

    "There was probably a split second when the first sound happened, and myself, and Deputy Brady looked at each other," answered Braman.

    Braman, who was shot three times, took the stand Tuesday morning. Brady took the stand that afternoon.

    Both faced questions about Reynolds' 40-caliber pistol and how they tried to subdue Reynolds. Both deputies described a fierce struggle and said Reynolds actively fought them even after he could not fire his weapon.

    "Was he still fighting to maintain control of the gun at that time?" asked the attorney.

    "He was," said Deputy Brady. "I had to rip it out of his hands."

    The trial will continue Wednesday when we expect to hear the verdict in this case.

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