Matthew Falconer's response to 9 Investigates story


Matthew Falcon responds to 9 Investigates story:

Kissimmee, Florida Business Transaction

I am very proud of my achievements in the private sector. I came to Florida in 1995 with a young family as a real estate broker and have since developed 18 commercial projects that have helped employ over 1000 people. My company has paid over $1 million in real estate and sales taxes.

Since the start of the Great Recession, that was caused in part by bad public policy, I have given struggling rents rent concessions totally hundreds of thousands of dollars. My policy is to keep as many people worked as possible. These concessions, along with other market conditions, resulted in several failed projects. The vast majority of Falcon projects are 100% leased.

Falcon Development and Matthew Falconer maintain an excellent reputation in the real estate community and with our tenants who we treat like customers. But like thousands of commercial property owners, and millions of Floridians, we are victim to the economic conditions in Florida and the “credit crunch” making new financing impossible. Unable to secure new financing, Falcon signed an agreement with our Lender and paid $100,000 for the right to give back that asset.

Falcon continues to work with its tenants helping them with tenant marketing and other ideas to help them survive and prosper.