Red Light Camera Ticketed Wrong Driver


ORLANDO, Fla.,None - An Orlando man has a warning about red light cameras. He say the wrong driver was blamed.

Robert Noeker claims the video shows he stopped when another driver ran the light at International Drive and Kirkman Road. However, Noeker got the ticket.

WFTV researched and found that the same thing has happened to other drivers, but the city said there's nothing wrong with its cameras; instead, it was operator error.

"He was shocked because he doesn't get tickets. He's a senior citizen," Noeker's daughter, Cathy Harris, said.

The Noeker family is still upset it received the ticket in the mail Wednesday. The video shows a silver Mercedes Benz ran the light, but that was not Noeker's car.

Noeker was behind the wheel of a white Nissan. He nudged over the line, but stopped at the light.

"I think it's ridiculous," Harris said.

Noeker contacted the city to dispute the ticket, but didn't get far.

"They said if he got a citation it was definitely his car and they wouldn't even review their own video," Harris said.

WFTV had the city of Orlando go over the footage Thursday and it admitted a mistake was made.

The incident happened in Orlando, but it was reviewed more than 2,000 miles away in Arizona. The company from Arizona that set up the cameras monitors the streets 24-7. When it notices a violation, it lets the city of Orlando know.

Someone with the city then confirms the infraction and a ticket is mailed out.

WFTV looked up how much money the controversial red light cameras have generated for the city so far. The city has issued close to $8 million in fines since September 2008. It has collected almost $6 million.

WFTV got the Noekers' ticket dismissed.

"I'm not saying they're bad. I'm just saying they aren't 100 percent accurate," Harris said.

The city admits its red light camera system isn't perfect. They said if you find yourself in a similar situation, give its traffic division a call.