UCF appeals ban on post-season football


ORLANDO, Fla. - The University of Central Florida has officially filed its appeal of a one-year NCAA postseason ban in football, following sanctions levied against it for major recruiting violations.
   School officials announced the submission Monday, a month after notifying the NCAA of its intent to challenge it.

“We do not believe precedent or the facts of our case support the football postseason ban, which impacts student-athletes who had no involvement in the violations,” said UCF spokesman Grant J. Heston. “We look forward to bringing closure to this issue.”

The NCAA now has 30 days to respond to the appeal. However, UCF has asked the NCAA for an expedited decision.

   A 2011 investigation found the programs were involved with runners for sports agents and making cash payments to recruits.
   UCF was hit with one-year postseason bans for football and men's basketball on July 31. Those penalties were in addition to a $50,000 fine, adding two years to UCF's previously proposed three years' probation, reduction of basketball scholarships, the vacating of basketball victories and limits of football recruiting visit days.
   UCF has accepted all other penalties except the football postseason ban. It won't affect its 2013 Big East transition.


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