• Tropical Storm Colin brings fierce winds, slashing rains to Cedar Key


    CEDAR KEY, Fla. - Tropical Storm Colin brought fierce winds, slashing rain and flooding to Cedar Key on Monday night.

    Businesses in the area were shut down as the storm moved in.

    Earlier in the day, a storm surge brought water flowing over the seawall just before high tide.

    “There’s no one here. Usually we have pelicans and all kinds of people here fishing,” said visitor Dominick Walker.

    At nearby beaches, the water flowed over the roads, surrounding small businesses and forcing emergency officials to shut down roads.

    “We see these storms come and go, and most of the time, this is where we get most of the water,” said resident Rita Baker.

    Cedar Key is a low-lying area that is prone to flooding.

    “It’s tragic for the business owners,” said Baker. 

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    “I’ve seen this town flood to 2, and 3 and 4 feet in the past. It’ll happen again. Let’s hope it’s not today,” said Bill Crandley, Cedar Key's public works director.

    Colin blew through quickly and the storm activity fizzled out in the late evening and the flood waters began to drain.

    Residents are used to what happens when strong storms blow through, but for visitors, it isn’t exactly the vacation they had in mind.

    “It’s Florida. Mother Nature is going to play with us. There’s no getting around it,” said tourist Mary Dyal.

    “We were hoping a bar was open, but all the bars are closed in town,” said visitor Curt Johnson.

    Crews began clearing the roads late Monday.


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