Orlando Mayor may make run for governor's seat



CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Mayor Buddy Dyer told WFTV's Jorge Estevez that Florida delegates to the Democratic National Convention approached him in Charlotte to talk about a run for the Florida governor's office in 2014.

"They think I am the obvious choice, on the Democratic side of things," said Dyer.

Democrats in Charlotte have been talking about unseating current governor Rick Scott.

"I have had a lot of encouragement from all over the state of Florida, delegates all over the state of Florida, to consider running for governor," said Dyer.

Wednesday morning Dyer addressed the Florida delegation. 

"After this, let's start thinking about the governor, Rick Scott," said Dyer to the delegates.

"It is very flattering to be thought of in that matter, but I don't think it is appropriate really to be talking about races two years from now when we haven't finished the one in 2012," said Dyer.

But he is mentioning to a room filled with dozens of delegates who are politically powerful in their regions. 

But Dyer did make a promise to the people of Orlando, when he was last reelected, to be their mayor and finish out his term.

"We still have a lot to go on: the Citrus Bowl,  SunRail, all the major projects. Some of these things take a long time to do. I have been working on them for nine years and I plan on completing them," said Dyer.

It is possible that a run for governor could mean what about a political rematch with Charlie Crist, who defeated Mayor Dyer and became Attorney General in 2002. Crist may also run for governor in 2014.

"This may have you going up against Charlie Crist yet again. How does that make you feel?" Estevez asked Dyer.

"I am not even thinking about that right now," said Dyer.