Wives of victim, defendant testify in Titusville 'stand your ground' case

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — Testimony in a Titusville "stand your ground" case Wednesday included a timeline of insults and obscenities hurled at the defendant, William Woodward, 46.

Prosecutors said William Woodward left his house, crossed the street and fired 31 rounds, killing two of his unarmed neighbors and injuring a third.

The wife of the man who survived the 2012 Labor Day shooting took the stand Wednesday.

Woodward's attorneys spent a lot of time asking Keri Blake to identify who was making the threats in the audio captured by the defendant's home surveillance camera.

That same camera captured the sounds of gunfire on Smith Drive.

Raw: Neighbor testifies about threats in 'stand your ground' case

Blake wiped away tears as she heard the gunshots captured by the defendant's surveillance camera.

Her husband, Bruce Blake, was shot 11 times, but he survived the shooting; Gary Lee Hembree and Roger Picior were killed.
Woodward's attorneys said their client heard the men threaten violence.

They said Woodward wore camouflage and crawled out into his front yard where he heard the threats.

Woodward's wife Barbara Woodward testified Wednesday afternoon. In her testimony she spoke about a climate of fear that she said permeated her family's lives.

"There were threats made against my children to physically hurt them, to burn my house down," Barbara Woodward said.

Prosecutors said it was Woodward's accusations that one of the victim's children stole gifts from Woodward's porch.

Two days before the shootings William Woodward and his neighbors were in an injunction hearing, accusing each other of threats and harassment. The case was dismissed.

Barbara Woodward said things escalated and shortly before the shootings a neighbor pointed their finger at the house, as if it were a gun.

William Woodward's attorney said that on the day of the shootings their client believed his family's worst fears were about to be realized. They said he claimed to have heard one of the victims say, 'Let's end this." His attorney said that was when he was within his right to act. Prosecutors said that is when he should have called police.

Barbara Woodward said she and her family tried to do the right thing but felt as though the courts and police weren't protecting them.

Woodward is expected to take the stand Thursday to testify.

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