Ashley Edlund,


Ashley Edlund joined Channel 9 Eyewitness News as a reporter in December 2018. I have always loved telling stories, digging up dirt and asking A LOT of questions, so needless to say, that made my decision to attend journalism school after high school an easy one. I graduated from Bradley University in Illinois with a television arts degree in 2011, then moved to Dothan, Alabama to take my first real job in a newsroom at WTVY News 4. Not long after, one of the biggest stories I’ve covered in my career so far unfolded when a man in Daleville boarded a school bus one day, shot the driver, kidnapped a little boy and took him to an underground bunker. The standoff lasted nearly a week and I spent most of that time sleeping in a news car nearby, doing morning live shots alongside every national news outlet in the country. I learned the importance of reporting accurate information in a chaotic crisis during that time and have carried it with me ever since. After Dothan, I moved to Augusta, Georgia and worked in the WFXG bureau for two years. I moved again two years later to Rochester, New York and began reporting for WROC-TV. After one too many live shots in the freezing cold, I am ECSTATIC to call the Sunshine State home. My chihuahua Henri and I are looking forward to getting to know the community. If you have any story ideas or just want to say hello, email me at

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