Central Florida Spotlight: State Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith and Chief Judge-Elect Lisa Munyon

Greg Warmoth discusses the challenges and opportunities in the Ninth District Circuit Court system and Florida's House of Representatives.

  Central Florida Spotlight: Florida government initiatives & local vaccine distribution

Greg Warmoth talks with a State Representative and an Orlando City Commissioner.

  Central Florida Spotlight on the Daytona International Speedway and the Pandemic

Greg Warmoth discusses the impact of COVID-19 with Chip Wile, the President of the Daytona International Speedway.

  Central Florida Spotlight: Real Estate and Retail Traders on Wall Street

Greg Warmoth talks real estate with Orlando Regional Realtor Assoc. Pres. Natalie Arrowsmith & then CFP Joe Bert explains the short squeeze on Wall street.

  Central Florida Spotlight on the Chaos in the Capitol

Greg Warmoth talks about the riot in DC with Law Professor Jeremy Levitt and Political Reporter Christopher Heath.

  Central Florida Spotlight: An American Hero from Oviedo, Supreme Court on US Health Care, & COVID-19

Greg Warmoth discusses the wartime heroics of Alwyn Cashe, the Supreme Court's history & future concerning the Affordable Care Act, then a COVID-19 breakdown.

  Central Florida Spotlight: The Economy of a Pandemic

Greg Warmoth, Tony Jenkins, and Tim Giuliani discusses the fiscal obstacles and opportunities that Covid-19 has brought to Central Florida.

  Central Florida Spotlight on the 2021 Presidential Inauguration

Greg Warmoth discusses the new US President with 2 Political Analysts, a UCF Political Science Professor, and a former State House Representative.

  Central Florida Spotlight: A 2nd Impeachment and Inauguration Security

Greg Warmoth discusses Trump's 2nd impeachment and President-Elect Biden's inauguration security with Congressman Darren Soto and Congressman Michael Waltz.

  Central Florida Spotlight: Local Pandemic Impact and the Path Forward

Greg Warmoth talks with Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings & Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer about how to face COVID-19 in 2021.

  Central Florida Spotlight on Florida Citrus Sports and COVID-19 Safety Innovations

Greg Warmoth and Florida Citrus Sports CEO, Steve Hogan discuss COVID-19 safety protocols needed to hold live events with thousands of people.

  Central Florida Spotlight: Orlando Magic and COVID-19

Greg Warmoth talks with Orlando Magic CEO, Alex Martins about COVID-19 and the future of professional sports.

  Central Florida Spotlight: COVID-19 Spikes Overdoses and Shatters Stereotypes

Greg Warmoth breaks down the local overdose spike catalyzed by Coronavirus with Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma and Project Opioid Director Andrae Bailey

  Central Florida Spotlight: Covid-19's Mental Health Impacts and Dr. Phillips Charities

Greg Warmoth & Dwight Bain on how the Coronavirus has impacted our bodies & minds. Ken Robinson talks about Dr. Phillips Charities' works in Central Florida.

  Central Florida Spotlight on a Maitland Ironman with Down's Syndrome

Greg Warmoth interviews father & son, Nik & Chris Nikic. Chris, an Ironman athlete with Down's Syndrome, explains the years of perseverance it took to compete.

  Central Florida Spotlight: 2020 Election and Ocoee Massacre

Investigative reporters Christopher Heath and Daralene Jones join Greg Warmoth to breakdown the 2020 Election and discuss the centennial of the Ocoee Massacre.

  Central Florida Spotlight: 2020 Election

WFTV Political Reporter and Channel 9 Anchor discuss 2020 Election.

  WFTV Debate for State Attorney's Office of the Ninth District: Jose Torroella and Monique Worrell

Christopher Heath moderates a question-and-answer format debate among the two candidates running for State Attorney Office of Florida's Ninth District.

  WFTV Eyewitness News U.S. House District 9 Debate

Greg Warmoth moderates a question-and-answer format debate among the two candidates running for U.S. House District 9.

  U.S. House District 7 debate: Stephanie Murphy, Leo Valentin and William Garlington face off

Greg Warmoth moderates a question-and-answer format debate among the three candidates running for U.S. House District 7.

  2020 Florida Senate District 9 Debate

WFTV Channel 9's Greg Warmoth moderates a debate between Florida Senate District 9 candidates Republican Jason Brodeur and Democrat Patricia Sigman.

  Central Florida Spotlight: John Pence and Cristobal Alex

Trump campaign advisor John Pence and Biden campaign advisor Cristobal Alex speak with Channel 9 anchor

  Central Florida Spotlight: Best of 9 Investigates

Channel 9’s Greg Warmoth takes a look at some of the best reports put together by our 9 Investigates team.

  Central Florida Spotlight: Local doctor talks about experience with COVID-19

A local doctor talks with Greg Wamorth about his experience with COVID-19.

  Central Florida Spotlight: Experts talk about reopening schools, tourism industry

Greg Warmoth talks with experts on how Central Florida school should reopen school. He also talks about changes to the tourism industry.
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