• 9 Investigates inconsistencies in OPD excessive-force investigation


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Orlando police Officer Peter Delio was arrested in March and charged with felony battery after surveillance video showed him kneeing a handcuffed suspect in the stomach in an OPD holding cell
    Statements from Delio's supervisor to OPD Internal Affairs investigators appeared to have some inconsistencies, so Channel 9's Kathi Belich watched the two-hour surveillance video to compare what was said in the investigation and what was seen on the video.
    She found the video contradicts what Sgt. Michael Faulkner said he did concerning getting medical treatment for Robert Liese.
    Liese, who was arrested after being accused of skipping out on a $60 bar bill,  asked for  medical attention at least 20 times as he writhed on the floor gasping and moaning, with his hands and feet bound, following the kneeing incident.
    "Can I please have some medical attention? Please, please. I'm begging," Liese is heard saying in the video.

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    Faulkner told OPD internal affairs Liese refused medical treatment before he got there and said when he talked to Liese; "I also inquired about that. He, uh, once again refused, um, that treatment."
    But the video recorded in the holding cell shows that not only did he never ask Liese if he wanted medical attention, he also ignored Liese's pleas for treatment. 
    "I need medical attention, please," Liese said.
    "What do you need medical attention for?" Faulkner asked Liese.
    "I have to lay down, please. I want to lay down," Liese said. "My chest."
    "What's wrong?" Faulkner asked Liese.
    "I can't breathe right," Liese said.
    Faulkner did not call paramedics. Instead, he took cellphone photos of Liese.
    He told internal affairs investigators that he was investigating Delio's use of force. But the video shows Liese is the one who brought it up and Faulkner never asked about it.  
    "I got kicked in the chest in the backseat of the car," Liese said.
    As 16 more minutes passed the sound of laughter and talking is heard outside the holding cell while Liese continues to ask for help.
    "Somebody please call the – paramedics," Liese said.

    Even following that request the laughter outside the cell continued.
    Police told Liese paramedics were on the way about an hour and a half after he asked Faulkner to call them.
    Liese's doctors said he was bleeding internally.
    Belich asked OPD officials if Faulkner was the subject of an internal investigation. A representative told her he was looking into that.

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