Accused fake physician's assistant formally charged

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla.,None — An Osceola County teenager accused of posing as a physician’s assistant and treating patients at a hospital could be arrested Friday.

Matthew schedit was arrested last month for impersonating a physician assisant at Osceola Regional Medical Center, but the State Attorney's Office didn't file formal charges until late Thursday.

The 17-year-old is facing six charges. Once the Sheriff's Office  receives an arrest warrant deputies said they will go find him and he will be arrested.

The state has charged him as an adult after they said he spent nearly two weeks impersonating a physician’s assistant atthe medical center.

According to authorities, Scheidt managed to get a fake badge, examin patients, handle IVs and according to sources, performed CPR on patient named Alma Amely who later died.

Police said Scheidt pulled off the hoax until he tried to access a restricted area for doctors.

“I find it disturbing,” said Amely’s husband, Raphael. “When you bring a loved one to the hospital, you feel whoever is taking care of your loved one is competent and certified to do what they're doing.”

Police said Scheidt wasn't. The State Attorney’s office has charged him with two counts of impersonating a physician’s assistant and four counts of practicing medicine without a license.

All the charges are third-degree felonies. The State Attorney's Office said he's being charged as an adult because they said during critical times he put the lives of many people at risk and because he's almost 18 years old.

WFTV also found out Scheidt tried to work his way into St. Cloud Regional Medical Ceter using that fake badge, but was turned away.

As for the hospital, the state agency for Health Care Administration finished its investigation two weeks ago, but didn't release the results. The medical center has until Oct. 9 to file its plan to correct any issues.