• Accused Lake Mary bank robbers crash car, send money flying


    LAKE MARY, Fla. - Two accused bank robbers are in custody after their attempt to make a quick getaway caused a crash in Lake Mary Friday night.

    A security officer chased one of them down, and held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

    Police are trying to figure out if they are the same men who robbed another bank earlier in the week.

    The robbery occurred around 6 p.m. at a Chase Bank near the intersection of County Road 46A and I-4.

    The gold SUV matches the description of the getaway car for a bank robbery in Winter Springs two days ago.

    Both vehicles are described as having Texas license plates.

    The suspects didn't get far from the bank before they were captured at the intersection.

    Security officer Tom Ascolese shied away from cameras even though he's responsible for capturing one of the robbery suspects who caused the crash.

    Seminole County deputies said the man he caught went inside the Chase Bank across from the accident, implied he had a gun and handed the teller a note demanding money while another man waited in the gold SUV that later crashed.

    Investigators said the robbers blew the red light at County Road 46A heading straight for I-4 but a red sedan collided with them.

    Witnesses said the SUV flipped over in the blink of an eye.

    Ascolese was in his truck at the red light when he saw the accident.

    He ran to help, not knowing the bank was just robbed.

    One suspect kicked a hole in the front window and tried to escape.

    The money laying against the windshield started to fly out, and Ascolese said he immediately knew something was up.

    He said it was instinct to take his gun off his hip and chase the suspect.

    "I did [have my gun out], unfortunately, but it's not something that I'm very proud about," Ascolese said.

    His actions, however, are what caused the suspect to surrender.

    Deputies were able to capture the other suspect still in the car.

    Both suspects and one of the people in the sedan were injured in the accident, but everyone is expected to be OK.

    Investigators won't say if the suspects they caught Friday are the same ones who hit up a Chase Bank earlier in the week in Seminole County.

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    Accused Lake Mary bank robbers crash car, send money flying