Brevard County deputy resigns from sheriff's office

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — Yosef Hafza resigned following a direct result into the former deputy following an alleged off-duty road rage incident on Father’s Day, investigators said.

Eyewitness News reviewed a two-hour interview between Hafza and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Hafza has been charged with second degree murder following an off-duty road rage incident on Father’s Day, deputies said.

The incident began as a near-crash when Hafza said he and another vehicle with two men inside almost got into an accident.

Hafza said the men followed him for miles, and the vehicles stopped.

“Both of them come out of their car and come charging me, I didn't make any advancements towards him, he came after me,” Hafza said.

Hafza says that's when he opened fire and killed 22-year-old Clarence Howard.

He admits he never showed his badge, but tells FDLE agents that he felt threatened.

Jose Montanez, the driver in the car with Howard, said the gunfire was unprovoked.

Montanez said Hafza fired multiple shots, even after Clerance fell to the ground.

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