• Brevard County non-profit faces troubles of delivering supplies to Puerto Rico

    By: Melonie Holt


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - A Brevard County non-profit said it has collected tens of thousands of pounds of relief supplies for Puerto Rico, but said the trouble has been getting to the island.

    “I have pallets upon pallets of water. I have medical supplies and it’s all been completely donated,” Samantha Nazario, volunteer at United Third Bridge told Channel 9’s Melonie Holt.

    Puerto Ricans have slowly been rebuilding their homes following Hurricane Maria.

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    Stacks of supplies sit at a warehouse at Orlando Melbourne International Airport is working to deliver the supplies to the island and assist families who’ve arrived in Central Florida, like Alexis Aviles-Cabrera. His wife gave birth to their youngest last week.

    “I just want a safe place to stay and you know, work things out for my family,” Aviles-Cabrera said.

    United Third Bridge is working on finding the family more permanent housing. A spokesperson for the agency told Eyewitness News that six other families will be arriving in Brevard County on Monday. 

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    A number of local businesses and organizations like the United Way of Brevard have already stepped up partnering with United Third Bridge, but the non-profit said more is needed on both the local and state level.

    “We need planes. We need volunteers, but most of all we need your help,” Melbourne Councilwoman Teresa Lopez said.

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    A spokesperson for the Brevard County School District said it has had 149 hurricane-affected students enroll at its schools. Principals have been given procedures for enrolling the students in the absence of records. A homeless liaison is also ready to assist schools with needs for clothing and personal care items.

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