• Family says cable company repairman stole personal items as he left


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Meghan Gay and her family are frustrated after they said a technician, who they thought was employed by Bright House, came inside their home to do repairs but made off with their personal belongings instead

    "It is just really frustrating," said Jeffrey Gay.

    "We do feel like we got taken advantage of," said Meghan Gay.

    The family said they had a Bright House technician come to replace a cable box and a few digital converters, but they noticed the next day that they were missing a Bose surround sound system and a pricey pair of glasses. The total loss was valued at close to $700.

    "I came back down, he wasn't in the house and then he had walked back in, said that he had left something out in the truck, but when he came back in he had nothing in his hands," said Meghan Gay.

    After reporting the alleged theft to the Seminole County Sheriff's Department they called Bright House. They said they were told that a subcontractor was hired to do the installation was to blame.

    When Channel 9's Roy Ramos contacted Bright House to ask about the incident he received a statement from the company that read: "Bright House Networks is cooperating fully with law enforcement."

    "I am a little uneasy knowing that they are independent contractors and that they do not know their employees directly," said Meghan Gay.

    But while the Gays are now out several hundred dollars, they said they are concerned about others who may be exposed to the same crime.

    "I am worried about this happening to other people and I figure if you don't speak up and tell people what is going on no one is going to know," said Meghan Gay.

    The Seminole County Sheriff's Office said its investigator sent a subpoena to the subcontracting company to get records about the worker but they haven't heard back yet.

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    Family says cable company repairman stole personal items as he left