• Kissimmee police say a girl, not a fight club, reason for brawl


    A middle school and high school student are facing charges for a fight that was posted on Facebook.

    Police said the brawl was over a girl.

    Kissimmee police said cellphone video was all the evidence they needed to arrest the two teens.  But the father of one of them said police got it wrong.

    "For me, he should have never been arrested.  I mean, kids fight," said parent Louis Ortiz.

    Ortiz's son Stephen, 16, was seen on camera in the February 6 fist-fight around the corner from Kissimmee Middle School.  

    Police arrested a 14-year-old at the middle school.
    "We made the first arrest out in front of the middle school before school started, where this person was hanging out with his friends.  We made it a point that all the students watching the arrest knew exactly why," said Stacie Miller of the Kissimmee Police Department.

    A parent first alerted Channel 9 Eyewitness News to what she described as "scheduled fights" near the school.

    "One of the individuals that got arrested had mentioned on Facebook two days before that he was going to fight another child," said the parent. "So, randomly they pick on whoever they want to pick on."

    "There is no evidence to prove this is a fight club. It was middle school students fighting.  They both liked the same girl," said Miller.

    Police admit there have been problems on in the same area. They said they are keeping a closer eye on the area.

    "Because of this fight, and the publicity, we have added more patrols out there to make sure we have nothing else going on," said Miller.

    The teens arrested are in a juvenile detention center, both charged with disorderly conduct.

    Police said two more arrests may be on the way.

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    Kissimmee police say a girl, not a fight club, reason for brawl