• KKK passes out fliers in east Orange County


    CHRISTMAS, Fla. - A local Ku Klux Klan group left fliers in an east Orange County neighborhood, asking people to join Monday.

    The group is based out of the Christmas area. Members left the fliers in the Ashford Grande subdivision near East Colonial Drive.

    Neighbors were alarmed when the KKK left fliers about white power in their neighborhood, which is made up of people from different backgrounds, races and social statuses.

    A KKK spokesperson said "The fliers are for informational purposes regarding the minority invasion in our area."

    It was enough to frighten neighbors, who refused to show faces or be identified during interviews.

    One woman, who did not want to be identified, said something like this happening is unreasonable at this point.

    "It's almost an unreasonable thought at this point. But we recognize there are some differences that people don't like," she said.

    She went on to say it wasn't a hateful situation, but an encouragement to go and join the group.

    Another woman said she has been living in the neighborhood for about seven years and has never seen anything like it.

    "I'm really shocked," she said, and also did not want to be identified. "I don't know who died and made you king. I mean, who are you to decide which group is superior to the other?"

    Neighbors said the group dropped the fliers in the streets and driveways.

    The KKK spokesman said the flier was even left at the home of an Orange County sheriff's deputy.

    The department is investigating the fliers as a threat.

    It is unknown what, if anything, will happen to the members who left them.

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    KKK passes out fliers in east Orange County