Mail mix-up delays Orange County vote on teacher raises

A mix with the mail involving Orange County's important vote on teacher raises

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — A problem with ballot envelopes is delaying Orange County's vote on teacher raises.

Officials said the original mailing included the wrong return envelope and thousands of new ballots will be mailed out Tuesday.

The ballots are critical to decide whether teachers go back to the bargaining table over their pay.

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Orange County teachers were dressed in red when they packed this school board meeting to demand better pay.

Now, they'll have to wait for a new ballot before deciding the district's salary offer.

The Orange County teacher’s union said the original mailing had the wrong return envelope.

There was no space for a teacher to write their name or address and both are required for the vote to count.

Not everyone is happy with the district's offer.

The largest raise would be more than $2,000, but opponents say underpaid teachers need more.

Last week, the union president encouraged teachers to approve the deal.

“I am sure that this is the best deal that the district is gonna put on the table,” said Wendy Doromal, with the Orange County Teachers Association. “We were sure or we would not have signed the agreement.”

The union said both the union and district proofed the ballots, but it’s unclear how the mistake happened or who is to blame.

They want teachers to return the colored ballot and fill out their name and address on the return envelope.

The ballots are now due on July 29.