• 9 Investigates: Orlando attorney John Morgan explains decision to leave Democratic Party

    By: Christopher Heath


    ORLANDO, Fla. - In his first interview since announcing on Twitter last week that he was leaving the Democratic Party, Orlando attorney John Morgan explained his decision with Channel 9 investigative reporter Christopher Heath Tuesday.

    Calling the Democratic Party “out of touch,” Morgan, who had been polling as the favorite for the party’s run for the governorship, said he would rather be remembered for something else.

    “I believe the book-ends of medical marijuana and a living wage would be a better legacy than any governor of the state of Florida,” Morgan said.

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    Running for governor would also require that he disclose his finances, something that Morgan admitted would be tricky.

    “The real problem for me is, how do I separate myself from all the businesses, and is that possible?” he said.

    Speaking about issues on the national stage, Morgan decried the proposed GOP tax plan, saying it would help rich people like him, but no one else.

    While he didn’t rule out the possibility of running for governor as an independent, Morgan noted that such a run could divide the Democratic vote and tilt the race in favor of the Republican candidate.

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