• Red-light camera tickets go into effect in Osceola County


    OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - Osceola County’s first red-light cameras caught more than 70 culprits in the last month, but up until now, the drivers were just given warnings. Starting Wednesday, the grace period ends and police will start giving out tickets.

    County officials said in the last 30 days the two cameras have led to an average of 3 warnings being issued per day.

    Vince Badagliacca recently almost got rear-ended making a quick stop at the intersection of Pleasant Hill Road and Poinciana Boulevard, where the cameras are installed.

    "There's a difference between jamming your brakes because the light is changing and blatantly running through when it's already red," Badagliacca said.

    While the county is targeting the latter, Badagliacca thinks the camera will cause more accidents.

    If a driver in his situation now runs through the light and gets caught, fighting the ticket is an option. However, it’s an option that’s likely not worth it.

    Osceola County said a $125 fine will be added to the ticket fine if a driver fights their ticket and loses, nearly doubling the cost.

    "They make it so it’s difficult so you just pay it. There’s no doubt it’s about revenue," Badagliacca said.

    Drivers will need to be more wary next month, since nine more intersections will have cameras put up in August.

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    Red-light camera tickets go into effect in Osceola County