• Scammers using social media to scam elderly, Brevard deputies warn


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - Brevard County deputies said scammers are targeting residents, preying on their emotions to steal their money.

    "There just out to get something for nothing," resident Richard Kurschat said.

    The victims said the scammers call and pretend to be family members or friends and they claimed to be jailed and in desperate need of bail money.

    In order to help them out, the victims wired the cash, according to deputies.

    "There are people who are always out there, who are willing to take advantage of other people, the good-heartedness of other people," Kurschat said.

    In one case, a victim was told by someone he thought was a family member, that he had been in a drunken driving accident in Georgia and needed money, so that victim wired more than $5,000.

    So far there have been at least three victims and all of them are seniors, deputies said.

    Investigators said the scammers research their victims on social media sites to get any information they can, to help with their scheme.

    "I just hate to see anyone taking advantage of anybody else," resident Brent Greer said.

    Greer believes people just have to be careful and just take a moment and think after getting those calls.

    He believes taking one step will prevent the thieves from getting your money.

    "Just call and verify," Greer said.

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    Scammers using social media to scam elderly, Brevard deputies warn

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