Winter Park High School football player accused of recording up girls' skirts removed from school

Video: Winter Park High School football player accused of recording up girls??€™ skirts removed from school
A student at Winter Park High School has been removed from campus after four girls came forward to say he recorded up their skirts at school.
The parents have been fighting to have the football player removed since the allegations were made nine months ago.
The suspect is still allowed to take the field as Winter Park plays Apopka at Showalter field.
The parents found out about the removal shortly before a court hearing for the boy Friday, but the school district and an attorney didn’t specify why it’s happening.
The news came one week after the parents and their daughters came forward telling Channel 9 that their daughters were uncomfortable because the boy they accused of filming up their skirts on campus was allowed to return to school with them after a suspension last school year.
The decision to allow him to stay came even after he was charged with four counts of video voyeurism.
“I think there were lots of people at the school district that wanted to do the right thing,” said attorney Frank Hamner.
The attorney for one of the families said the boy accused of recording up the girls’ skirts will do his school work at home until after the Christmas holiday, and then will start virtual school.
He does, however, still get to play sports.
“I think the families goal was always to just get the victimizer away from the victims,” said Hamner.
The suspect’s court case was reset for Jan. 11 and his criminal case on misdemeanor counts should be resolved soon.