• SeaWorld's All-Day Dining Deal good for budget

    By: Shelley Caran/OntheGoinMCO.com


    When my family goes to SeaWorld Orlando, we tend to spend the whole day enjoying the park’s attractions and shows. But since we are there all day, our food costs can add up really quickly between meals and snacks, and one way we keep our budget in mind is by purchasing the All Day Dining Deal.

    With the All Day Dining Deal, you receive a wristband to enjoy All You Care To Eat and Drink All Day at our participating restaurants.

    The Deal is really that…a deal! For $32.99 (plus tax) for adults and $17.99 (plus tax) for children ages 3-9, it is easy to see that if you are going to be dining in the park for more than one meal and snack the All Day Dining Deal is for you!

    Passport Member discounts for dining experiences are available by booking your reservation through the Passport Member Website. Passport Members really do get a lot of great perks, and discounts on almost everything are amazing!

    Get up to 1 entrée platter, 1 additional side item, and 1 Fountain Soft Drink, Iced Tea OR 20 oz Aquafina each time through the line, Childs Price includes Kids Meal entrees only per All Day Dining Deal.

    There are many times that we would go through the line for a quick snack or just to grab a drink, and for us it paid for itself in snacks and drinks!!

    Each restaurant has a variety of foods to choose from that will sure to satisfy everyone’s appetite. Make it easy!

    Participating Restaurants of the All Day Dining Program include: Voyager’s Smokehouse (Excludes Baby Back Ribs), Spice Mill, Terrace Café, Mango Joe’s, Seaport Pizza, and the Seafire Inn.

    Another great thing about the participating restaurants are located throughout the park, and so you never have to alter your path through the park for meals. Our favorites are Voyager’s Smokehouse for their amazing meats, and the Spice Mill for their sandwiches. But I can’t say this enough, SAVE ROOM FOR DESSERT! While the park’s food is above average in quality for what you would normally find in a theme park, the dessert is a 1,000 times better! I am in love with their red velvet cake!!!

    As with anything there are some fine print things that you should definitely keep in mind when thinking about and using the All Day Dining Deal.
    * Park Admission is required, but is not included
    * This All Day Dining Deal allows you unlimited visits to each participating restaurant until 30 minutes before published restaurant closing time.
    * The wristband is valid for 1 entrée platter, 1 additional side item and 1 soft beverage, ice tea or 20 oz Aquafina each time through the line.
    * When All Day Dining Deal is purchased at the Front Gate Ticket Window and the Reservation Counters guests will receive a Boca Ticket which then can be redeemed at any participating restaurant for the wristband. 
    * If purchased at any of the Participating Restaurants or Dining Reservation Counter guests will receive the wristband at the time of sale. 
    * Wristbands MUST be worn at all times and shown each time through the line.
    * The All Day Dining Deal does not include equity dines such as Breakfast with Elmo and Friends, Dine with Shamu, Makahiki Luau and Sharks Underwater Grill 
    * Not valid with any souvenir products with the exception of Kid’s Meals.
    * Park Admission is required, but is not included
    * Sharing and take out is prohibited.
    * Wristband is non refundable once purchased
    * Menu and Prices are subject to change without notice

    The All Day Dining deal at SeaWorld Orlando is really a great way to enhance your day at the park, because it takes a huge worry off of your plate! You will never want to visit without taking advantage of this deal again!