State of the Race: Both Presidential campaigns make final push for Florida

ORLANDO, Fla. — Both President Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden were in Florida Thursday for a final push to the election

Elections in Florida have always been tight and 2020 is no exception.

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With the race entering its final days, Biden held two events in the Sunshine State: one in Tampa and another in South Florida.

President Trump was also in Tampa Thursday afternoon with other Republican candidates for office in Florida.

The long road to the White House traces I-4. It’s why the last President to win 50-percent of the vote in Florida was at Camping World Stadium Monday.

A Monmouth poll released Thursday shows little has changed after all the events. Joe Biden has a lead, but it’s right at the margin of error.

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The focus on Florida has also been made clear by what the candidates are willing to spend to win the state.

It’s estimated a quarter of a billion dollars will be spent by the campaigns' advertising in Florida, 100-million dollars more than what was spent in 2016.