Toyota of Orlando tips: Should you buy an alternative fuel vehicle?

Clermont Toyota hybrid 

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Do you want to make your life a little cleaner and greener? A great way to make things more eco-friendly in your day-to-day is to climb behind the wheel of an alternative fuel vehicle. And luckily for you, Toyota of Orlando has options when it comes to these green cars. However, is it really the right choice for you? And if so, which one will best suit your needs? Explore our Orlando Toyota options and get the information you need to make an educated decision when it comes to alternative fuel vehicles.

The three main types of alternative fuel Orlando Toyotas

First, let’s talk about the three main types of alternative fuel vehicles. Here are the Orlando Toyota options available to you.
Hybrid cars: Hybrid Toyotas are by far the most popular option, even globally. These unique and convenient vehicles switch back and forth between a gasoline engine and electric motor. This means both reduced emissions and better fuel efficiency, as well as convenience – the gasoline engine under the hood means you don’t need to charge this Orlando Toyota.
Electric cars: Electric cars use a battery that has to be charged as their main power source. They are extremely low-emission vehicles and while they do need to be charged, you can do it from the comfort of your home. Additionally, automakers are working on extending the drive time range; some electric cars already offer up to 400 miles on one charge.
Fuel cell vehicles: Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles run off of hydrogen (obviously) and are zero-emission cars. However, they’re only available in California and Hawaii at the moment; you won’t find them at our Orlando Toyota dealership just yet because most states don’t have charging stations for this particular type of alternative fuel car.

What should you consider before buying one of these Orlando Toyotas?

There are certain things to consider before you invest in alternative fuel vehicle. Here are some of the questions to ask yourself:
1. Which type of car do I want?
As noted, you’ll be able to choose between hybrid cars, electric cars, and fuel cell vehicles (depending on where you live). Which one is the best bet for your drive time needs?
2. What type of infrastructure does my city offer?
Does your city have charging stations? If you’re considering an electric car, you don’t want to have to drive home every time you need to charge up. Same goes for hydrogen fuel cell cars – can your city’s infrastructure support the car’s needs? Do your research before you sign the dotted line.
3. What drive time needs do you have for performance?
Alternative fuel cars were developed to be green and fuel-efficient – they weren’t developed with off-roading, towing, or hauling in mind. If you need a heavy-duty vehicle to take off the pavement or tow large loads, these might not be the right choices for you. (However, keep your eyes open for hybrid trucks in the near future.)
Still have questions or want to get behind the wheel of one of these incredible rides? Call our Orlando Toyota dealership today at (407) 298-4500 to get more info and schedule your test drive.