• Get affordable oil changes in Orlando in TWO locations!


    With the addition of the newest member of our family of dealerships, you don’t just have two great locations where you can find new Toyota and used cars. You also have two places where you can find affordable Toyota Service in Orlando, including oil changes! Getting your car’s oil swapped out is an absolutely essential part of routine maintenance – without this auto service, you’ll surely run into costly and time-consuming repairs. Why not take the steps to prevent this from happening? You can find this auto service at both Toyota of Clermont and Toyota of Orlando – our technicians will have you back out on the road in no time, and you can choose the Toyota Service Center that’s most convenient to you! 

    Why are oil changes so necessary for performance? 

    Why do you need oil changes on a routine basis? To keep your engine running in top notch condition!

    • Oil is a lubricant in your engine – it ensures that all parts are moving fluidly, and it also helps to prevent overheating in the engine. All of the moving parts in your vehicle’s engine cause friction, which in turn causes heat. When you don’t have enough oil or the oil is dirty, it can’t act as a lubricant to lessen the friction. 
    • This can lead to so much heat that the parts in your engine actually meld together and cause the engine to seize – and you can kiss whatever’s in your wallet goodbye if this occurs! Oil is the lifeblood of your car. Not only does it help to reduce friction, it also draws some of the heat out of the engine to keep things cooler and prevent the aforementioned scenario.
    • Oil even helps to protect the inside of your vehicle’s engine from the build-up of other products, like varnishes and carbon. Buildup of these elements can cause damage, and oil helps to prevent them from sneaking in and making a home! 

    Overall, oil changes are important because they keep everything running smoothly inside of your vehicle’s engine. Without them, repairs are inevitable, and you’ll also shorten the lifespan of your vehicle. How do you know when you’re due for an oil change in Orlando, though? 

    When are you due for an oil change, and how do you know? 

    You can check yourself! All you have to do is crack open the hood of your car – make sure it’s off, and that it’s been cool for a little while so you don’t burn yourself. Arm yourself with a clean rag and pull out the oil dipstick – the oil should meet the indicated level on the dip stick, as well as be an amber or tan color. If it’s too low or the oil is dark from grime and dirt, then you need a change!

    However, if you get your oil changes in Orlando with our Toyota Service Centers, you won’t even have to check to see when you’re due. Our helpful technicians not only conduct a multi-point inspection every time you bring your car in; they also keep track of your service, and will send you helpful reminders whenever you’re up for any routine recommended service! 

    Schedule your auto service in Orlando with us today – give Toyota of Orlando a call at (866) 945-0493, or Toyota of Clermont a call at (866) 454-1614! Ask about our service specials! 

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