Accused Fake P.A. Plans To Plead Not Guilty

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla.,None — The hospital where a teenager is accused of impersonating a physician assistant is facing growing backlash from the community, and during his court appearance on Tuesday, Matthew Scheidt's lawyer said he is planning to plead not guilty.

Scheidt's brief court appearance on Tuesday was followed by a quick statement from his attorney, David Gentle.

"We are planning to plead not guilty and have a nice day," Gentle said.

Osceola Regional Medical Center refuses to comment on exactly what happened, saying that the hospital is continuing to investigate.

According to detectives, accused PA impersonator Matthew Scheidt somehow managed to get a hospital issued ID and used it to pass for a physician assistant for almost two weeks -- examining patients, handling IVs and, according to sources, performing CPR on patient Alma Amely. She died the next day.

Some residents told WFTV that because of what happened, they're staying away from the hospital, and that they want answers.

At a busy cafe in downtown Kissimmee, almost everyone had heard about 17-year-old Scheidt.

"I would never go to that place! Never!" local resident Juan Colon said.

"They certainly need to beef up their security to the max," resident Gloria Nieves said.

So far, the hospital has not addressed security changes, and they've issued only two written statements.

Amely's family said the hospital's CEO has asked to meet with them, but said they're letting their attorney handle that.

As for this investigation, the state agency that oversees the hospital said their report on what happened could be released next week.

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