• On the Hidden Mickey hunt at Epcot's Future World


    Plan a visit to the Pavilions in Epcot's Future World in your quest for Hidden Mickeys.  You won't be disappointed!  For our journey today, let's explore The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion to check out a few compelling images.

    Find one or more classic Mickeys formed of rocks at the bottom of the huge aquarium.  They're best seen from the viewing corridor and the circular viewing area upstairs. Recently, one of the images had starfish-shaped rocks for the "ears." (Warning: these rock Mickeys may change locations on the aquarium floor or even disappear at times. You may need to look through several windows in the observation area to find them.)

    » IMAGE GALLERY: Hidden Mickeys at The Seas with Nemo & Friends

    Here's a shark swimming over our rock Mickey!

    In the manatee viewing room, lower level, bubbles in wall paintings form two classic Mickeys. One is on the left wall (as you exit), in the left middle square containing the words “Manatee Zone … Slow Speed.” Another is on the right wall as you exit, in the lower left square with the polar bear. As you enter Bruce’s room on the lower level, an oyster containing three pearls arranged as a classic Mickey is at the lower right of the second window on the right (labeled “Did You Know?”).

    A similar oyster with classic Mickey pearls is in the second window on the left (labeled “Bruce’s Scrapbook”) in Bruce's room.

    In the waiting room for Turtle Talk with Crush, a tiny classic Mickey is in the pink and brown coral in the first window painting to the right as you enter the room. At the lower part of the painting, the Mickey is left of the third tallest (leftmost) blue tube, about one quarter of the distance up the side of the tube.  (The image is in the middle of the photo below; it's tilted so that it's facing the left upper corner of the photo.)

    In the waiting room for Turtle Talk with Crush, an upside-down classic Mickey is above the left side of the "eyebrow" of "Peach" the starfish.  Peach is at the upper left of the second window to the right as you enter the room.

    Bubbles come together to form several classic Mickeys on the garbage cans you see in the pavilion.

    Enjoy the Hunt!

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