'Locker room shenanigans': Police investigating members of Oviedo High School football team

OVIEDO, Fla. — 9 Investigates has learned about another police investigation involving members of a football team at Oviedo High School.

Last year, members of the junior varsity team were investigated for allegations of sexual battery that took place in the locker room against another player.

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Eventually, the state attorney’s office decided not to prosecute calling the incident “locker room shenanigans.”

The high school and Oviedo police said the investigation is still in the preliminary stages.

They have not said if the latest assault allegation involves members of the junior varsity team or the varsity team.

A spokesperson for the Oviedo Police Department said the allegation at this point is a simple assault but did not explain what happened or how many football players it involves.

This is the third investigation into problems inside the Oviedo football locker room in the last two years.

Last year in September, a member of the junior varsity team wrote an anonymous letter alleging he had been raped by another player in the locker room.

"He alleges he was held down against his will and boys may or may not have done things to him," said Chief Dale Coleman, of the Oviedo Police Department.
After interviews with both varsity and junior varsity members, several players admitted to investigators that they participated in what they called a "code red."

Coleman said a code red could have been players whipping others on the behind with a towel, but the shenanigans was done while the boys were clothed.

“Locker rooms have a tendency to have horseplay and shenanigans, and we found out there was some,” Coleman said.

While the behavior was deemed inappropriate, prosecutors said it didn’t meet the legal requirements for prosecution to charge the student involved.

The district punished the students who violated the school’s code of conduct.

In May of 2018, officials looked into allegations of bullying by the coaching staff.

Several members of the Oviedo varsity coaching staff received a warning by the district last year after it was found they violated policy when it came to using profanity around the players.

No bullying of players was found.

As to the latest investigation, a district spokesperson said it is an ongoing.

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