• Another random shooting has Osceola County residents living in fear


    OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - There have been 10 random shootings in Osceola County since Friday, including another in which a home was shot up by multiple bullets overnight.

    The shooting was exactly what Osceola County residents told Channel 9 Wednesday night that they were afraid of.

     “It was awful,” said Kissimmee resident Julio Morales. “We had really no clue what it was. (It) just sounded like something blew up multiple times.”

    The gunfire went through Morales' special needs daughter's bedroom, through her door and into the kitchen.

    “Thank goodness she wasn't here in the morning. There's no telling what could have happened,” he said.

    The home is just around the corner from where 17-year-old David Guerrero was gunned down and killed on his way to work Wednesday morning. It was also just streets away from two other Kissimmee neighborhoods that were shot up the night before.

    Police said they do not know if all the shootings are related at this time, but they’re all happening within a few miles of one another.

    Guerrero was headed to a bus stop and on his way to work when he became a target.

    "This has to end, one of these days," said Elizabeth Diaz, a family friend of Guerrero.

    His shooting death in Kissimmee came less than an hour after a gunman shot up three homes on a quiet St. Cloud street.

    One woman, Josephine Cannon, was home with her three children when six bullets pierced her garage and cars.

    "Right now I'm still in shock, I cannot believe this is happening," said Cannon.

    The shootings Wednesday hit just 24 hours after someone shot up five homes on a Kissimmee street, narrowly missing sleeping children.

    That same night, three other homes were shot up just a few blocks away.

    Guerrero was gunned down right in the middle of those neighborhoods where people who knew him are in shock Wednesday night.

    "I feel that the world is changing," Diaz said.

    A Kissimmee patrol car was riddled with bullets in Buenaventura Lakes Friday. In the same neighborhood, another person was shot at Sunday.

    Authorities said they haven't been able to link any of the shootings, and haven't caught a single person.

    "We are just regular people, and how can people do this to another family?" Cannon said.

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    Another random shooting has Osceola County residents living in fear