9 Investigates answers your questions about health risks associated with breast implants

9 Investigates reporter Daralene Jones found several Central Florida women who said they suffered with chronic health issues that went away once their implants were removed. Jones answered viewer questions after her report aired.

Is there a type of implant that is liable to cause this?

A doctor told Daralene Jones that the vast majority of women do fine with implants but there are women who are not doing fine and they are getting sick. She does believe there needs to be more research and studies done with saline and gel-filled implants.

Does the size if the implant matter as to whether someone could be prone to illness?

Doctors said it doesn’t matter what size you’re getting when it comes to the potential risk in terms of illnesses that the women described What it all goes back to is the actual products used to manufacture the implants.

Do implants need to be changed every five years?

One of the doctors Jones talked to said that is actually a common thing that women don’t know. She doesn’t know if plastic surgeons aren’t sharing this information or if women hear it and aren’t following up on it.  Implants to have to be changed, one doctor says, every 10 years. They should be replaced and removed.

Haven’t the dangers been known for many years?

Back in the 1990s there was a lot of controversy surrounding breast implants. What is happening now and what’s new about this, is this emergence of women who say they’re having unexplained health issues associated with the ones put back on the market after that pre-market approval back in 1996. They were supposed to do a 10-year study that would have been over in 2016 which was supposed to determine whether they were safe and effective.

What are the symptoms some people are feeling from implants?

The women in Jones’ report experienced fatigue. One woman said she felt like she had vertigo and dizziness and had to stop driving. Some women talked about having rashes.

Does insurance over the cost if the complaints make you sick?

What Jones learned is that it’s not covered because insurance companies view it as a cosmetic procedure. It can cost anywhere from $4,000-$6,000 to have implants removed.

Is age a factor in whether the implants make people sick?

One of the things that Jones learned in her research is it’s really important to get lab work down prior to getting implants. Sometimes lab reports can show whether or not your body can handle a foreign object. One woman learned after she had her implants removed that she wasn’t a good candidate.

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Posted by WFTV Channel 9 on Thursday, June 29, 2017