• Apopka considers changing street parking laws


    APOPKA, Fla. - Dozens of people packed a commission meeting with the hopes that Apopka city leaders would finally make a decision on a controversial law that doesn't allow people to park on the street in front of their own homes.

    Apopka is only the second city in central Florida to consider changing its street parking laws.

    "I'm here to fight for myself and my household," resident Jamie Milligan said.

    Apopka residents packed a special meeting to decide whether or not to keep a 2012 ordinance that restricts residents from parking on the street in front of their own home.

    Some even brought diagrams of their street to the meeting.

    Residents tell us they've tried all kinds of techniques to avoid getting a ticket, from parking in odd configurations to avoid blocking the sidewalk, to adding pavers to widen their driveway.

    One resident has to drive up the side of his home, through a narrow space so he doesn't hit this tree, and park in his back yard.

    "We've had people complain why do we have a car in the back yard and we just tell them the simple rule we can't park on the street anymore," resident Eric Escobedo said.

    Dozens who attended the meeting say the ordinance leaves them powerless against getting a ticket.

    But Apopka police say they only enforce the ordinance when they receive a complaint.

    The police captain even played a video taken Tuesday, showing the difficulty of maneuvering a firetruck when people are parked on the street.

    Residents side with them.

    "I'm just here to say thank you for the ordinance you can finally drive down your roadway now, you can drive down your street," resident Kenneth Williams said.

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