• Apopka could change Sunday ban on alcohol sales


    APOPKA, Fla. - The city of Apopka is turning to residents for ways to change its decades-old policy of no alcohol sales on Sunday.

    Channel 9's Racquel Asa spoke to businesses who say it's time for the laws to change because it’s money they're losing out on.

    Some residents say the law doesn't make sense: a gas station on US 441 can’t sell alcohol on Sundays because it's within city limits, but just across the street another gas station outside of city limits can.          

    “This is what we do, then we can sell it on Monday,” said Tony Goris, owner of Compare Foods, as he slid a shade up over the shelves of alcohol.

    It has been Tony Goris' routine for the last 12 years since he opened his Apopka grocery store, but Sundays have always been a little different.

    “Sunday we have to keep it down,” Goris said.

    He's followed that rule ever since he opened his store, but it's not one he agrees with.

    “I'm losing and it's frustrating for the customer, too,” Goris said.

    Very often on Sundays, a customer will open up the shade and take a case off the shelf, but when they get to the register, the cashier has to  say no—and send them to another store, Goris said.

    Now for the first time in decades, the city is looking at changing the rules because it has a new mayor—Joe Kilsheimer recently replaced 93-year-old John Land—and he's already said alcohol should be sold on Sunday, while respecting Sunday church hours.

    To gauge resident opinion, the city put a survey online asking residents if they want to keep things the way they are now or limit when and where alcohol is sold on Sunday.

    “If they don't buy it in Apopka, they are going to go down to Altamonte Springs or other places,” Goris said.

    The city doesn't have a timeline yet on when it plans to change its alcohol policy, but officials say resident opinions will be will be considered.

    See the survey Apopka residents are being asked to fill out

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